Nov 07 2013


Jan 20 2013

GFF 2013 Cult Ballot

Each year, the Global Film Festival lets the people choose films to play on the festival weekend. This year, we bring the viewer a great selection of films from both America and around the world. Check out the two trailers below, then vote for your favorites here.


YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Oct 18 2012

“Do It Young/Film It Yourself” Youth Film Competition

In conjunction with the 2013 Global Film Festival theme, Film and Youth, we will be launching the “Do It Young/Film It Yourself” (DIY/FIY) Youth Filmmaking Competition. Students in middle and high school will film themselves and their friends doing the things they love to do.

To help with the filmmaking process, the GFF Team will be having workshop sessions to assist the youth filmmakers. The first session on November 3rd will deal with the pre-production and production parts of the project (thinking of ideas and filming them), and will take place at the Williamsburg Regional Library. The second session will be on November 17th in the Earl Gregg Swem Library Media Center. This session will deal with post-production (editing footage and putting it all together).

The winning films will be screened at the festival in February. For more information, go to the DIY/FIY Info Page. To register, fill out all areas of the DIY/FIY Registration Form. Registration and participation in the event is COMPLETELY FREE!!!

Oct 18 2012

Fall Theme Launch Event

On Saturday, November 10th, the William and Mary Global Film Festival will officially kick off its 2013 theme with an event at the Kimball Theater.

The event will start at 5pm with the screening of The Hollywood Complex, a documentary about aspiring child actors. Dan Sturman, the films director, will introduce the film and have a Q&A session afterwards.  To see the trailer and learn more about the film, go to the website here. After The Hollywood Complex, a reception will be held in the Kimball lobby.

Following the reception, a screening of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom will start at 8pm. But don’t leave when the film is over. At the conclusion of the film, co-stars Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman will join us via live video feed for a Q&A session about the film. Watch the trailer below.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t want the night to end? After both films, celebrate the launch of the theme at our Launch Event After-Party at The Crust, featuring music by Idiot Glee.

Tickets cost $5 and can be purchased at the event.


For more detailed information, check out the Fall Theme Launch page.

Mar 31 2012

Spring Film/Music Event

In Partnership with the First Annual WCWM Music Fest and the W&M Student Hip Hop Organization (SHHO), the W&M Global Film Festival presents its first ever Spring Film/Music Event, featuring the premiere of Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest:

YouTube Preview Image

Visit for more.

The event kicks off at 9:30pm at the Kimball Theatre with pre-screening drinks provided by our sponsor Williamsburg Alewerks, followed by the screening at 10pm, and a post-screening show with live performances by Streetz and Shakespeare’s Ghozt.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Friday, April 6- admission to all events is only $5!

$5 admission includes:

9:30pm – Pre-Screening Drink Party (with FREE beverages from our sponsor, Williamsburg Alewerks)
10pm – Screening of Beats, Rhymes & Life
11:45pm: Post-Screening Show with Streetz and Shakespeare’s Ghozt (Venue TBA)

Mar 20 2012

Special Guests of the Festival In the News

We were honored to host as guests of the 2012 Film and the City festival actor David Patrick Kelly and director Aurora Guerrero, both of whom have been making headlines with their work!

Kelly is starring in the Broadway adaptation of Once, the 2006 Irish musical by John Carney. The show opened March 18 to rave reviews. Read more and an interview with Kelly here.

You can also catch rising star Guerrero in a national television spot for Bing, which you can view below. She recently appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered to discuss her debut feature, Mosquita y Mari. Listen to her interview here.

YouTube Preview Image

Feb 15 2012

The Chase, starring the Little Twamp

Watch our William & Mary tribute to the Little Tramp, Charlie Chaplin, and be sure to come see the end of our story on Saturday, February 18 at the Kimball Theatre before our screening of City Lights. There will be a Little Tramp Walk-a-Like contest, pre-screening souveniers, and post-screening ice cream for the kids.


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Feb 15 2012

Learn More About Our 2012 City Symphony Project

They swept aside their prejudices, their conceptions and misconceptions, and their biases about the area that engulfs the world in which they live, play, and learn. The Film Studies students in Professor Tim Barnard and Jes Therkelsen’s class last semester had one task: find out as much as they could about the “real” Williamsburg, collect hundreds of hours of film, then tell the story – in 15 minutes or less – in a style that hasn’t been seen in more than half-a-century. Barnard and Therkelsen demanded that the film be modeled after a “City Symphony,” a genre of documentary filmmaking that dates back to the silent era, grew out of avant-garde filmmaking, and was heavily influenced by the Soviet montage movement. “The City Symphony genre gets called a kind of poetic form of documentary filmmaking,” Barnard remarked. “You go out into the city – that becomes the subject or protagonist – and you gather footage. That becomes the documentary. Where the poetry comes in is in the editing – the sort of montage you create, the piecing together the different images to try to create a composite image where the relationships generated between the different clips captures a poetry or a movement or a feel for the city.”…

Read the full W&M News story here.

Watch interviews with Barnard, Therkelsen, and students who produced the symphonies:


YouTube Preview Image

Feb 14 2012

Lead Actress of “Mosquita y Mari”, Fenessa Pineda, Attending Festival

Along with director Aurora Guerrero, one of the film’s lead actresses will be joining us in Williamsburg for the Virginia premiere of their film:


YouTube Preview Image

Feb 14 2012

2012 “Film and the City” Official Trailer Released

Catch a preview of our 2012 lineup on our YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss upcoming videos:

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