2011 Global Film Can Recipients

2011 Honoree Obayashi

The William & Mary Global Film Festival announced the inauguration of its “Global Film Can” recognition in 2011, presented for the first time as part of the festival.

The W&M Global Film Can recognition, symbolized by a gold film reel canister, is designed to reflect William & Mary’s educational commitment to internationalization and the dual missions of the College’s Reves Center for International Studies and the Charles Center for Interdisciplinary Studies which together co-sponsor the festival.

W&M Global Film Cans will be presented to selected filmmakers and filmmaking teams for exceptional collaboration and achievement in global film production.  With this honor, W&M wants to recognize film projects that exhibit unique international creative vision and that contribute in some way to international understanding, collaboration, positive change, and good will.


The Robot India/US Production Team

S. Shankar, Jack Rajasekar, R. Rathnavelu, Srinivas M. Mohan, Alan Scott, Vance Hartwell and Mary E. Vogt,Endhiran/The Robot
Endhiran/The Robot is being honored as an unprecedented international filmmaking collaboration between the Indian and Hollywood film industries. Before its release, the film made history as India’s largest budget film project ever. Since its release in India last September, Endhiran/The Robot has also become the highest grossing movie in Indian filmmaking history. The Film’s Hollywood Executive Producer, Jack Rajasekar, brought together leaders of Indian Filmmaking with industry leaders in costume design and special effects here in the U.S.  The film’s production team includes India’s biggest star and director (Rajnikanth and S. Shankar) as well as one of the subcontinent’s most accomplished cinematographers, R. Rathnavelu.  The film’s Indian visual effects supervisor, Srinivas M Mohan, joined forces with special effects and costume designers from Hollywood, including Alan Scott, Executive of Legacy Effects, Special Effects makeup artist Vance Hartwell, and costume designer, Mary E. Vogt.  In working together, Endhiran’s production team bridged two continents and connected the world’s two largest, most influential filmmaking industries.  The project and its unprecedented success represent an inspiring vision of large-scale transnational film production and models new possibilities for global filmmaking.

Yann Arthus Bertrand & Glenn Close

Director and Narrator, Home 

Yann Arthus Bertrand’s Home is being honored as an unprecedented instance of cinematic global environmentalism.  The award recognizes the film’s virtuoso combination of global natural beauty, artistry, aerial cinematography, and a powerful and empowering narrative of both urgency and inspiration.  Furthermore, the groundbreaking un-copyrighted dissemination strategy timed with world Earth Day is another remarkable achievement of this film.  William and Mary will also honor Glenn Close for her English-language narration of the film that contributes to the power of the visual narrative and makes the project and even more remarkable transnational, Franco-American filmmaking collaboration.


Nobuhiko Obayashi & Chigumi Obayashi

Director and Writer, Hausu/House 

Nobuhiko Obayashi and his daughter Chigumi Obayashi together created this critically acclaimed, cult landmark horror film that upon its release in Japan in 1977 and then throughout Asia became a cinematic-pop art sensation.  The film is a highlight of Mr. Obayashi’s career as an internationally celebrated filmmaker.  The film project was initiated as a response to the unprecedented success of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Japan’s filmmaking establishment turned to Mr. Obayashi and charged him with making a Japanese equivalent.  Committed to making his film an original, he turned to his twelve-year-old daughter for inspiration, and the result of that father/daughter collaboration was a film that would go on to inspire filmmakers around the world and reshape the horror genre.