Festival Schedule

Films about youth, films for youth audiences, films made by young people, films that express or capture the meanings and feelings of youth…What are our intentions in organizing the 2013 W&M Global Film Festival around the theme “Film & Youth”?  We mean all of the above.  Motion pictures are often referred to as the youngest art form. At little more than a century old, film is a wee urchin of a medium compared to other arts and forms of creative expression.  One could argue that film is youth and so stands in a uniquely close and promising relationship to what it means (or meant) to be young.

We invite our community, young and old, to come together to celebrate and contemplate the many youth(s) of cinema and the ways film can help us understand the child in us all while also exposing us to different experiences of being young from around the world and right here at home. The festival will again feature both global and local films, guest filmmakers, receptions, and live musical performances, this year with an eye toward making us all young and young again.



February 14th


February 15th


February 16th


February 17th