Special Guests and Events


David Patrick Kelly

Already accomplished on the New York stage, Kelly burst onto the film scene with his debut performance as the maniacal Luther, leader of The Rogues, in Walter Hill’s The Warriors.  From here he went on to play an impressive array of punks, villains, and killers, bringing his characteristic intensity to films such as 48 Hrs., Commando, Wild at Heart, and Crooklyn. He will also be familiar to television audiences for roles in Twin Peaks, Gossip Girl, and Louie, and is currently playing the role of Da in the stage version of Once (screening as the global counterpart of our Programming by Popular Demand: Cult Film Nights), transferring to Broadway this spring after a lauded off-Broadway run. During the festival weekend, Kelly will be presenting The Warriors and leading a post-screening Q&A on Thursday, February 16.


Wang Xiaoshuai 

Wang, who is part of the “Sixth Generation” or “Urban Generation” of Chinese filmmakers, is also a unique voice whose depictions of contemporary urban life cast the city as a principal actor in his films, and a vital, living entity. His first feature, The Days (1993), was produced for only $10,000 independently of the state-run film system; he was subsequently part of a six-director ban in 1994 for his portrayal of the art scene in Beijing. Beijing Bicycle, a reworking of the Italian neo-realist classic The Bicycle Thieves that explores youth and migration in urban China, marked his rise to critical acclaim on the global circuit.  The film won the Jury Grand Prix Silver Bear award at the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival. Wang will appear via live video feed to discuss Beijing Bicycle on Saturday, February 18.


 Aurora Guerrero

Guerrero’s activism for Chicana and Latina women and youth led her to filmmaking and her passion is evident in her debut feature, Mosquita y Mari. Awarded the Sundance Ford Fellowship and Paul Robeson Development Grant in 2005 and selected for the 2006 Tribeca All Access program and the 2009 Film Independent Producer’s Lab, the film follows Guerrero’s work with an L.A.-based group of Chicana filmmakers, Womyn Image Makers, with whom she directed the award winning short narrative films Pura Lengua (2005 Sundance Film Festival) and Viernes Girl (winner of the 2006 HBO/New York Latino International Film Festival short film competition). Guerrero will introduce the festival’s screening of Mosquita y Mari and participate in a Q&A following the film as well as a round table discussion on Cities and Creative Inspiration on Sunday, February 19.

Read more about Guerrero’s inspiration in her own words.


Fenessa Pineda

Lead actress in Mosquita y Mari.






Laith Ulaby

Laith Ulaby completed his PhD in ethnomusicology in 2008 from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has conducted almost three years of fieldwork in the Arab world and wrote his dissertation on the maritime music communities of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Oman). Dr. Ulaby has worked as a professional musician, specializing in bass, and taught courses and given guest lectures at several universities in both North America and the Middle East. He will be speaking on “Music, Media, and the Arab Spring” on Friday, February 17.



Special Events

  • Family Film in the City – Paris
  • Festival Opening Night Reception
  • Laith Ulaby:  “Music, Media, and the Arab Spring”
  • VIP Cocktail Party @ The Trellis
  • Metropolitan Reception
  • Family Film in the City – The Little Tramp in the Big City
  • Local/Global Student Short Film Competition Showcase
  • China’s Urban Generation, feat. Wang Xiaoshuai via live video feed
  • Cosmopolitan Afterparty @ The Crust
  • Filmmaker’s Breakfast
  •  Round Table: Cities and Creative Inspiration, feat. Aurora Guerrero
  •  24 Speed in the City
  •  Student Short Film Competition Awards Ceremony & Closing Concert