2012 Pre-Festival Series: Film & The City


Wednesday nights, 6:30pm – Jan. 18th through Feb. 15th

January 18th (Wed.)

 6:30pm            Tekkon kinkurîto/Tekkon Kinkreet (2006 / Japan / Michael Arias / 103m / R)

                              Introduced by Prof. Michael Cronin, Modern Languages & Literatures/East Asian Studies

The first feature-length Japanese Anime film to be directed by an American, Tekkon Kinkreet creates a visually stunning animated Japanese cityscape.


January 25th (Wed.)

6:30pm            Orpheu Negro/Black Orpheus (1959 / Brazil-France-Italy / Marcel Camus / 100m / PG)

                             Introduced by Prof. Bill Fisher, Anthropology & Latin American Studies

The iconic film responsible for generating a globalized feeling for Rio as a singularly energetic Brazilian urban place characterized by music, passion, and Afro-Latin religion and identity.



February 1st (Wed.)

6:30pm            Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt/Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (1927 / Germany / Walter Ruttman / 65m / NR)

                            Introduced by Prof. Rob Leventhal, Modern Languages & Literatures/German





-PLUS: The Latest in “City” Musicals-

                        Grand Rapids Lip Dub (2011/ USA / Rob Bliss / 10m / NR)

                        Southeast Side Story: A Williamsburg Community Musical (2011 / USA / W&M GFF Fall Production Team /10m / NR)

                        Introduced by Prof. Tim Barnard, W&M GFF Festival Director




February 8th  (Wed.)

6:30pm            Brat 2/Brother 2 (2000 / Russia / Aleksey Balabanov / 122m / NR)

                             Introduced by Profs. Prokhorov/a, Modern Languages & Literatures/Russian




February 15th (Wed.)

6:30pm            Suzhou River (2000 / China / Ye Lou / 83m / NR)

                           Introduced by Prof. Yanfang Tang, Modern Languages & Literatures/Chinese